Tea For Hot Mornings

I’m not a coffee drinker, but I need my little caffeine jolt of black tea every morning as soon as I wake up. These days there’s almost always a jar or pitcher of iced tea in the fridge waiting to make my mornings run cooler and more quickly. I don’t like sweeteners in my tea, but recently I’ve been adding a dash of vanilla to iced Earl Grey with lots of whole milk for an especially good morning treat. There’s something about whole milk served over ice cubes that I just love love love. The colder the milk the creamier and sweeter it tastes. Milk with ice and molasses served in a sip-cup (so I could shake it and make it all frothy) used to be one of my favorite hot weather drinks when I was little; this iced tea with milk and vanilla is my “grown-up” version of that old favorite.