Happy Valentine’s Day, and a Beet(ing) Heart Salad

Dear readers: Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! I wish I could post you each a handmade valentine, because having you hear really does light up my life. I never really get around to sending Christmas cards, so Valentine’s Day has always been the time when I send out a tall stack of handmade cards to friends and family. Here’s some of this year’s silly little cards that I made:

Recently I’ve fallen head over heels in love with beets. I can’t believe I used to be somewhat indifferent towards them. And ever since I saw this  I haven’t been able to stop thinking of heart-beet puns. Last night, with Patrick and Julia over for dinner, we mixed up a salad with my cookie cutter cut heart beets. (cook the beets first, then let cool, then cut with a heart-shaped cookie cutter.) Baby spinach, romaine lettuce,  feta cheese, calamata olives, spicy maple candied pecans, and a sweet balsamic dressing. Once the salad was dressed and tossed, the beet juices started to run a bit and we had ourselves a bleeding heart beet salad.