An Impromptu Dinner Just For Me

Last night I found myself home alone without dinner plans, so I had a lovely long dinner date with myself before heading out into the cold night to meet some friends. I was lazy though, and didn’t want to go to the grocery, so I challenged myself to concoct an impromptu dinner just for me using only what I could find in my cupboards, freezer, and fridge. I found: one bottle of pinot grigio, one frozen spicy Italian sausage, one rind of Parmesan cheese, half a box of wheat free elbow macaroni, half a package of pre-sliced mushrooms, one small onion, some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and thyme… and pretty soon, with my favorite folk music playing as loud as I wanted, I had made myself a one dish dinner of pasta with sausage, onions, and mushrooms in a white wine reduction sauce flavored with a touch of balsamic and thyme. I sat eating alone in the glow of my candles with a glass of wine and a few cookbooks as companions and I realized that sometimes cooking just for me is just what I need.