The Sunday Supper Blues

Sunday evenings often give me the blues. Sometimes Sundays in general give me the blues, but it’s usually the evening part that is the worst, especially when I’m home alone. There is the inevitable list of tasks unfinished from the week before, and the realization of what’s to come. There is a lazy lurking sleepiness. I’m not sure what the best way to go about a Sunday evening is. I know the best kind of a Sunday morning: snuggling in bed and then cooking a special breakfast while listening to Joni Mitchell. Sundays without Joni are a terrible thing. I’ve got to work out how to deal with the Sunday blues, but until then I’ll just let myself wallow in them, and cook myself rich comfort food. Tonight I made myself one bratwurst, one potato, one apple (chopped up and stewed in apple cider alongside the sausage), one serving of sauerkraut, and one big glass of fresh apple cider. Eating alone always makes me a bit blue, but once I sat down and started working my way through this plate of food, I started to feel a bit better. Yum.